Show/hide geometry


Let’s assume i have box with 4 separate walls, each wall consisting of 2 optional (for example concrete and glass) geometries, floor and roof. What would be the right way to make it configurable so that one wall option would be visible at a time (eg. left wall, concrete visible, glass hidden)? Im looking for a show/hide -kinda solution? Help and ideas highly appreciated!

Try to put them on layers maybe?

Layers are not supported in ShapeDiver, unfortunately.
You would typically do that using a ‘Value List’ and 'Stream Filter’s components to choose between different pieces of geometry and different materials.

Again Mathieu, super helpful! Thank you very much. It’s working perfectly. I will, at the end, have 5 options for Geometry and and Material. Any hint how to proceed as filter only works 0 or 1 options? Thanks in advance!

If you zoom close enough on the stream filter in the Grasshopper canvas, you will see “+” buttons that allow you to define more inputs for the filter. I am currently unable to take screenshots, but this should be relatively easy to find.