Pick between different geometries and use one

I’m a bit stuck constructing a workflow in which I can choose what type of geometry will be used in the definition further.

I have two different types. One is a polygon, and the other is a circle.

How would I construct an “if-statement” so that I can pick one of the two?
Maybe there is a more simple solution?!

This is a simple project that I’d like to put on Shapediver, and let the user choose between a polygonal or cylinder-like shape, and download the blueprints and model.

gh_q.gh (9.4 KB)

Hey !

Maybe are you looking for something like filter?
Btw I noticed you use replace path, I’m not sure why (because you flatten at the end of your if statement, so the replace path is not needed), but if you need it, you could also simply use a flatten with path input to 1 in this case.

gh_q.gh (12.4 KB)

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Of course I can use a :boom: Stream Filter if I just connect the geometry directly!!

I got caught up so much into that expression’s “if statement” that I was only pushing through the data info and I was wondering why I wasn’t able to get the geometry output directly.

This was an excerpt from the larger definition. I’ve tried a few things and at one point was trying to separate them and pick them by their paths. Just a leftover.

Thank you for setting me straight. :partying_face: