Shortest walk does not reach right point

Hi everyone,
I am having a trouble while trying to find accessible parcels within 500 m with shortest walk.
It does not calculates expected parcels in 500 m distance.
Any help will be appreciated (10.2 MB)

it seems to better work with opened curve than closed one.

thank you so much for your help. But I am not familiar these stream filter and value list item. I tried to do same, stream filter worked for not exploded. Is it possible to share final gh document?

Ok now I understand it. But again, I didn’t work properly :frowning:

I am quite sure you don’t use the component properly. Component is just a software with some basics rules. So it is pretty dumb and you use it on the border of its capacity. I will try adding some curves in order to have a better solution.

Here I added some travel from the center of the polygon to the road.
So you’ll have a better working tool.

But the length is augmented because the curve goes to the center of the cells. (10.2 MB)