Shortest walk not working properly

shortest walk is not giving the shortest path between two point, but it is giving a longer path (10.5 KB)

what is shortest walk?? a native competent or plugin?

Typically help is given quickly and accurately to those who post files, not pictures. (10.5 KB)
forgot to upload it sorry

No reason to start a duplicate thread, just edit and add your GH file to any post on this thread.

OK, I see you did that, so… The curves are not all split up at the intersections, so paths that appear to terminate on the inner arc (yellow) don’t connect and are dead ends. This isn’t a fix, just turning the lights on, so to speak. (30.3 KB)

Check attached… (16.5 KB)

And here’s one that shatters all the curves. (28.9 KB) (superseded by version ‘c’ below)

The sliders to set start/end point points for the blue line (goal) use CSet points in version ‘c’: (28.5 KB)

With pipe (version ‘d’ below): (30.6 KB)