Shortcut to change an objects name and change it to a specified layer

Hi I can see that there are a few posts on this or similar subjects, but I cant get it to work.

I would like to create a shortcut to change an objects name then then put it onto an existing layer named TS

!_SetObjectName “TS” _ChangeLayer “TS”

Hi Tom - try

! _SetObjectName _Pause “TS” _-ChangeLayer “TS”

(note the dash in front of ChangeLayer to supress the dialog box from the normal command)


Thanks for this.

This one didnt quite work

! _SetObjectName _Pause “TS” _-ChangeLayer “TS”

But I tried this and it did work

! _SetObjectName _Pause TS _-ChangeLayer TS

thanks again for your help, much apreciated.

Hi Tom - I think the quotes problem may be because you copied and pasted from this window? If you type the quotes yourself in MacroEditor, does it work? It should, because the quotes are needed for when names have spaces in them.


thanks, youre right I copied and pasted into my aliases