Change object layer with hot key?

Is there a way to change object layer with a hotkey or some sort of shortcut. I have hundreds of things to reassign and if I can save a mouse click every time i would LOVE IT!

You can assign the ChangeLayer command to a hotkey…

okay stupid question… how do you make a hotkey?

Options>Keyboard has all the key combinations available to Rhino. There are no one-key hotkeys other than the F function keys, all others need Shift, Ctrl or Alt or combinations of same.

Thanks! can i assign a specific layer for it to change to?>

Sure, if the layer exists and you know the name. _-ChangeLayer _Pause "Layername"

awesome! thanks H!!!

I cannot seem to get this to work. Is it different if the layer you want to change to is nested? I’ve tried with and without the quotes surrounding the layer name. Is the ! or ’ needed before the command when creating the shortcut?

Hi -

You need to add the entire “path” to the nested layer and you do this by using ::
So, for example:

-ChangeLayer _Pause 01::05::02

… for moving an object to the 02 layer.

As for the characters that you need to build a macro, see this page in the help file:

Perfect. Thanks! (macro link also very useful)