Shopify Iframe export error


I’m trial testing the shapediver Iframe embedding on shopify (no app) using the designer plan. I managed to display it on my website (looks great, kudos to the team!). Only when I download the file it’s very small (few bytes) and thus unreadable. Name and extrension is correct. It works well on shapediver, just not on the website. Is there a fix for this?

Website -

Shapediver model link -

We have noticed an issue with the new “Require strong authorization” setting of your model. We are working on fixing it for the next platform release, but in the meanwhile you can go to the embeddings settings in your model edit page, disable this setting (turn off the checkbox) and save your model. Let me know if that fixes the issue.

Hi Mathieu, thanks for the fast reply! Disabling it solves the issue.

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A fix for this issue has been released earlier today. You are now able to leave the strong authorization enabled and export files from the iframe.

Great! It works :slight_smile: