Shoe Moose

I was asked to design and produce a full scale moose that would serve as a shoe rack for a kids library in Oslo. I first 3D modelled in 3D in Rhino to make sure everything fits together in the right way. I then turned everything into 2D drawings including dogbones for cnc manufacturing. Next, I scaled everything down so I could make a small scale prototype on the lasercutter to test assemble. And finally I milled everything out on the CNC and made an instruction manual for them to assemble all the numbered pieces.

Project for Artisan Tech AS.

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Picture by Marco Heyda

Picture from instagram account of the library


very cool indeed, most creative

Thanks Robb!

Fabulous stuff! The shape of the moose is really great, this could be a cool souvenir for the Norwegian guiftshops too, the scaled down one that is… :wink:

Looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing.

Thanks! Is indeed a cool idea for giftshop, maybe something for the future to look into. :wink:

What a great and fun idea…I especially like the name β€œshoe moose.” Thanks for sharing!

And yes, I would copyright this before it shows up in an IKEA store! Similar things have been done before, but you are definitely on to something.

I really like this project. especially the process. I’l like to do something like that for the local Waldorf school in the Palisades.

Thanks for making the effort to share this.


Thanks James, I’d love to see the result of that.