MacOS: Python editor shortkey issue (F5 and "shift+/")

hi all,
does anyone know how to enable “F5” to run the python script in both rhino python editor and ghpython editor?

And also how to comment multiple lines? (in windows its “Shift+/”)

thank you so much for your help.

Bumping up the question about the f5… [it’s pretty tedious to use the mouse for such a repetitive thing.

[I’d imagine you probably found it by now…?] it’s “Command +/” on Mac

thanks a lot

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I didn’t know this, always use tripple " for commenting out sections. In any case, here that doesn’t work but it works with Ctrl + /

I’ve always found the Python Script Editor on Mac to be almost unusable compared to the editor on Windows. RhinoCode will hopefully solve the discrepancy between Mac and Win in that area.
The only way to use F5 on mac is in debug mode currently, but that won’t help much in GH

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