Shift+Alt language toggle interrupts typing

I like my scripts to be organized. So, I usually name the components for future reference. The thing is, I’m not a native English speaker, so at times I like renaming the components with names of my language. So, I right click a component and try to type in some words in the name. As I do this, I naturally use the Shift+Alt shortcut for the language toggle. But this actually interrupts the renaming process and I have to right click again. It is kind of annoying. I don’t see any reason as to why the program should behave like this. Changing language in other typing scenarios in other software is never intrusive.

Hi - that sounds a bit like this:


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Sounds about right. I am also aware of the fact the Alt is usually associated with menus. That’s also a problem with Photoshop. But there, because you don’t usually confront such problems in typing text scenarios, I have found that pressing Esc or Alt again brings everything to normal. I now instinctively check when the menu bar is highlighted and, whenever it is, I just press Alt. Whenever the layer blending mode scroll down is activated, I press Esc.
Off topic I guess, just felt like sharing here.

Thanks, Wim.

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You also could change the toggle for language changinga to something other than alt+shift. It is one of the first things I do on a new windows installation, because this problem is there also for Blender.

Renaming components can make a GH model very difficult to understand. Much better to rename only the inputs and outputs of each component and let the original name be, as it indicates the component’s function.