Expand and result on a different layer

I often have models with surfaces to expand.
These surfaces I need to expand and I wonder if it is possible to place them somewehre I can pre define. On a special position or on a special layer.
Otherwise it is very cunfusing where all these expanded surfaces are laying.
I this possible, maybe with a small skript?
Need help!

Hi Matten- what do you mean by ‘expand’? Are you making exploded views of assemblies with parts moved away?


Hi Pascal,
I think the english expression is to “unrollSrf”.

(Sorry for my English, I am working with the german version. The command there is “Abwickeln”)


Hi Matten- ah, OK, of course… there is no built in way to control this but a macro can help

! _UnrollSrf _Pause _Pause _Enter
 _SelNone _SelLast 
-_ChangeLayer "My special layer"

or even a more elaborate script.


@pascal maybe a good thing to add to command line options for V6…


Yep, added to heap.



Aah Thank you very much.
I will try this (it will then be my first skript in Rhino)