Shell Displacements and Stresses Quantified

I cannot seem to get the colorful legend that appears in the Karamba Manual for output values of displacement or stresses. Also, I am NOT getting the theoretical answer for a slender cantilever beam modeled as shell elements. I am using Imperial Units, but I checked via panels to see the units are inches where needed and feet for the overall length.
Please advise and help! Thank you!
cantilever beam stresses and (66.3 KB)

Dear Edmond,
by default the MeshSurface-component creates meshes with five faces in u- and v-direction of the given surface. If the mesh for a shell calculation is chosen too coarse then the structural response comes out too stiff.
When creating a finer mesh the results should converge towards the theoretical solution (see attached file: cantilever beam stresses and (46.4 KB)).


The great news is that a more refined mesh gives the theoretical answer, zer gut!!
Danke so much, I was losing my mind trying to figure that out.

Yes, I am obtaining the reference 5 on die visualisierung by Moldenhauer. That is truly fascinating.

But I am still a little puzzled by the Legends. I understand they refer to the color lines, but on Page 117 of your Manual you have Colors linked to Displacments, and all I can get with the Legends icon is the colors. Can I trouble you to look at this one more time? I attach the script with the Legends Icon. Danke.

cantilever beam stresses and (66.7 KB)

Hi Edmond,
if you zoom into the legend you should see the values.


Ohhh, that is embarassing that I didn’t see that. I sincerely thank you! This really helps me.