Shell, cant select face

Can’t select the face when i try to shell the object
Cant undderstand what i am doing wrong while following this tut:

Water_Bottle.3dm (96.2 KB)

Your polysurface isn’t closed, so shelling won’t work. Looks like your profile curve has its end points ever so slightly away from the axis so that when you used Revolve your polysurface ended up as an open polysurface instead of closed. You can see this with ShowEdges on your polysurface. You’ll see that the top and bottom have two cases of naked edges.

Revisit your profile curve, make sure the end points are dead center, then revolve again.

Once done use ShowEdges on your polysurface to check for naked edges - there shouldn’t be any.

Thanks Nathan,

It worked like a charm :slight_smile: