Shelling a Dodecahedron

No, not with a B52, I have made a Dodecahedron, closed polysurface whatnot, everything is cool, Valid Polysurface galore.

When I try to shell it, it doesn’t even allow me to select a face to remove from the closed polysurface. Guess I will have to redraw it oldschool with a pentagonal wall to make the dodecahedron.

Don’t know if this is a program limit, if it is a Mac version problem, or just me doing it wrong, but I have made a lot of shells and haven’t encountered a single time where it doesn’t even let me select a face so something’s wrong.

I have found out that even though Rhino says it’s an okay poly, it really isn’t.

One may think a 116.6 or 166.34º faces dodecahedron might be okay, but I have found out that the actual value required by Rhino is a 116.565º face angle to create a perfectly closed dodecahedron.

valid polysurfaces doesn’t mean it’s a closed polysurface or that it’s solid…

i check if an object is solid with the Volume command (which will warn you if an object isn’t closed)…
you can use the ShowEdges command to view naked or unjoined edges.

Ironically enough I modeled all five of the Platonic solids a couple weeks ago to “get the hang” of building stuff without parametrics. Didn’t use any numerical inputs at all and did the whole lot with geometric construction (arcs and lines). Mine shell fine.

Best, Dave

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Checking the Properties will tell you if the polysurface is closed or open.