Kyle's Water Bottle. I get naked edges with "Shell" command

I’ve been doing Kyle’s water bottle tutorial but have run into an error. When I get to the shell process, I get naked edges. The only difference is that my fillet numbers might be a little different than his. Before shell, the model is watertight. After shell I get naked edges. In previous models where I got naked edges, I exploded then re-joined everything and that seemed to cure it. That hasn’t worked this time. Suggestions? Model attached.

Here is the video.
28:30 is where the shell process begins.
bottle.3dm (366.3 KB)

Did you use 0.8 for the shelling?
(maybe you can try the dimension of the outcome if you still have it…)
It seems ok with oneshot using 0.8mm.
bottle_shelled.3dm (1.0 MB)
Got it to fail the second time. Not sure why it was ok in the first try…

It seems the area of naked edges has fillet and maybe becaused of that the
shell command failed. Maybe removing not doing a fillet before shelling may help?
Should have saved the file… but maybe shell is creating self-intersecting curves and trimming/joining failed…

Hello @CalypsoArt

I didn’t get it to work either.
My workaround to fix it:
Explode the shelled bottle, push the outershell surfaces to a different layer and join them. Edge analysis says 1 open edge - thats ok.
Then I join the inner shell pieces and I get two surfaces that cannot be joined together. Extract isocurve from the two marked surfaces, extract those 2 surfaces and delete them. Then I use a 2railsweep to the naked edges and the profile curve.

Join the inner faces and there is no open edge in the analysis.

Greets Jay

Thanks all for the responses. I got it to work when I revised fillet in the area getting the error. I did it several times with a variety of radii. Eventually one worked. However, I much prefer the look of my original. I am new to Rhino, but so far in my experience, Fillet is a problematic command on small objects. JayR’s method would enable me to keep the original look.

Hi ClaypsoArt - I don’t think it’s anything you’re doing wrong, this should work as far as I can see.
(Works in V6./WIP at .08)