Shear command Grasshopper versus Rhino

What is the best way in grasshopper to get a similar behavior as the shear command in Rhino?

There is a shear component in GH that works exactly the same as the shear command in Rhino. The base plane, reference point, and target point inputs are the same three things the Shear command in Rhino asks you for and the results should be identical.

Then I am doing something completely wrong. Can you help?
See attached example whith a result of the shear in grasshopper and the shear in Rhino. (10.0 KB)

Cheers Bas

Oh, I think I already know. I always use project (to the XY plane ) in Rhino. So the Z value of the input points G and T should be zero. I will checked myself and now it is working the same. And I was expecting the XY plane to be the shear plane, but to some reason this should be the YZ plane. (11.4 KB)