Shattering problem RH6

Some closed curves won’t shatter properly and I completely don’t know why.
In the grasshopper file and on the screenshot I marked shattering points and the curve which doesn’t shatter the way I want.

Every closed curve has 4 shattering points which I tried placing on corners. I used for that “MeshCorners” component, DeBrep vertices wouldn’t work because some of the curves may have more than one segment initially.

All the tree branches should have 4 curves after shattering.

Because internalized brep geometry, which I included, came from bigger grasshopper file, shattering problem occurs in different places as my geometry changes.

shattering (107.2 KB)

can you show in this example where this problem is?

They do (almost):

so don’t quite follow what you want

I see - use ‘discontinuity’ instead so you don’t get any 3’s there:

Discontinuity would solve this problem, but there are also odd shapes where MeshCorners sets up better corners. I need no more or less than 4.

Check this as well.

shattering (110.7 KB)

Thank you!
Both of you helped me, this hybrid solution seems to work.
I wonder why this mesh corner points pulled to closest vertices couldn’t shatter some of the curves.

got you - discontinuity should still work fine if your curves have corners - just a bit more adjustment as shown by Kim :wink:

Why you used mesh and deconstruct brep? surfaces are already separated

MeshCorners gave me surfaces corners with angle threshold.

You need the corners just plug surfaces or curves directly to the component