Shatter returning fewer segments than it should

Hello forum
I’m getting this puzzling result: (942.6 KB)

Is there anything I could try to have it working properly?
Or would you recommend another component instead?
(I’ve checked the forum and found that sometimes Sub Curve is more appropriated. It’s not working, though…)

I have that

False Check your tolerance and recompute, but for me it changes nothing ! Or perhaps update Rhino ? Hard to say.
Silly me I forgot Reparametrize helps !!!


Did it help?? And did you change the tolerance?

Reparameterize didn’t help for me after recompute…

Nevermind - Rhino 8 shows correct result after reparameterizing the curve, but Rhino 7 didn’t do it.

Strange I did that in Rhino 7.
Tolerance has no effects.

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Checked both (reparam and tolerance) and still the same output.
I’m starting to think that this is kinda related to my hardware (got an old macbook with ancient version of both Rhino and operative system). Or my horoscope…

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Lol throw that or any mac away :slight_smile:


I wish, in my wettest dreams [._.]

Any different take to achieve the desired result?
I mean, can you think of some other component performing better? I’ve read that with complex curves Shatter tends to misbehave…

It is a bit mysterious, converting to Polyline doesn’t help. And if I reparametrize Polyline it works !
This is really a question for Mc Neel !

In your list of points, the first one is really really near the start of your curve.
but… not exactly the start of the curve!

If you replace your first point with the curve start point
replace the first parameter with the domain start of the curve domain

… it will work.


Fantastic. Thank you!!
Messing around with points. Here’s a big lesson for me…

…it’s really interesting how different versions of GH/Rhino gave different interpretations of this particular situations here.
Do you have a clue about the reasons behind?
Is this only a matter of (very small) tolerance, or is there something different in how new versions works with the shatter component?

I don’t know.
I have latest Rhino 7 version and I see the same problem you see.

But yes, I can guess it should be normal that the underlying methods, the “geometry engine” Rhino uses is constantly upgraded and made better by devs.
Even this bug might be solved in future…

Grasshopper shatter component probably uses the

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Similar to this, or related, or different, not sure, was that:

If you adjust the seam (Seam component) of the curve, using a point from the 146 points, but feeding it the point, not the actual parameter, without reparameterizing, it works (Rhino 7):

BUT, if you use the parameter, which should be the actual input (t), not the point, it doesn’t work:

Unless you reparameterize the curve with the adjusted seam:

Lol maybe this is normal - I’m ignorant.

I love wasting time.