Shatter Not Working Correctly


I’m trying to create a boundary outline for my building, with two intersecting circles. I am using Polygon command so that I have more freedom in altering my building shape. However, when using the Curve
Curve and shatter command, it seems as though the line is not being cut at the right spot, despite it having intersecting points. Any direction is appreciated. Thanks!

Grasshopper Cove Apartments A3 (Final Mai).gh (20.1 KB)

don’t know why it’s behaving like that…
not a solution to the problem, but I’d circumvent it by using region intersection:

Grasshopper Cove Apartments A3 (Final Mai) (25.2 KB)

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Hi Inno! Thanks alot, I figured out the problem - It was in the fillet radius of the polygon. Number cannot exceed 59 as it is the maximum limit of the fillet. This is a very nice alternative. Thank you!

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