Shatter failed, missing some points!

shatter failed by curve closest (129.7 KB)

very simple question,
got this part of a huge script that i’m working on, i’m trying to project those middle points in a z level that’s betwwen the z levels of the zig zag points. i tried just to dispatch those middle from zig zag and just do a polyline with zig zag points, but those middle points doesn’t match with the actual middle points of the segments between zig zag points. so, ignoring that fact, i just did curve closest point and shatter curve for a next thing that i need to do (move zig zag point to next curves). BUT, when i shatter and then connect segments with control points battery, i’m missing one shatter point.

p.d.: i’m with no sleep doing the original long script, already 3 days, so sorry for simple questions.