Sharing UserData from a dotnet plugin and a C++ plugin

Hi to all

Any hint on how to read\write a userdata and share between a C++ plugin and a dot .NET plugin ?
Can I just keep track of the UUID and order and type of the data ?
And how to manage list/arrays of data ?

thanks to All

You would need to write exported functions in your C++ plug-in that the .NET code could call or overwrite the GetPlugInObjectInterface function on your plug-in class. Can you explain a bit more about what you are doing?

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Hi steve

Well i wan to make the ui of the plugin in c# since i dont want to use msvc anymore
But the math stuff in a c++ dll .
The userdata is edited trough the c# interface and used by the c++ module

I think i should expose a number of get/set routines in my c++ plugin and use them trough my c# plugin to keep everthing aligned


Got it. So your C++ DLL is not really a plug-in, but a support library for your C# plug-in. That is a great way to go. I can help with exposing functions to C# from your C++ DLL if you want any.

This sample shows how to share data between a C++ plugin and a RhinoCommon plugin.

Hi Dale & Steve

thanks a lot , I have a clear idea on how to proceed now