UserData defined in a dll makes a exception

Question about userdata defined in a dll

ok scenario :
I want to be able to read userdata from both a rhino plugin (rhp) and a grasshopper dll (GHA)
so I have defined a derived UserData class in a dll.

I get a exception when I call the routine (in my case a Layer object ) from the rhp plugin

UserDataEx data = new UserDataEx();

Before moving the class into a dll it was working fine, so I assume the class needs something else
but since I am not a c# guru for sure I am missing something

Any info on to implement this correctly ?


Investigating a bit I think (as I said I am not a c# guru) that Rhino does not “see” the userdata
defined in the shared dll.
I have no better word to define this since I generally write c++ code


Dale Fugier , I think this is for You
If its not possible I will find a different path


I had this 6 years ago - looks like it’s still on the pile

Yep this is the same problem.
Ok so I will find a turn around