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Lifelong wish…
I have always wanted to see shaded objects in shaded mode look more real whilst I construct the model.
I am not after seeing materials, thats for when finished, and I dont construct when in rendered mode, just something a bit more real, so a sunken hole has a light shadow inside and the back wall is a little darker than the front. I get a better idea of what I am making as such with mild shadows and realism. Can never understand how the top of an item is much darker than the rear of it , and the rear a lot lighter than the front. V5 did that.

V7 is giving burnout on surfaces a few degrees tilted from vertical.
tick advanced GPU solves it a little, but not as good as V5.

A test shows V7 using three BRIGHT light sources of equal intensity. 3 is not normal at all !
I wish it to be mother nature with sun 45deg or higher in sky and above my left shoulder (or right) as is good practice when taking photos, or in studio with one brolley as such and another knocked down 1:4 ratio or similar.

Could someone make me an importable set of settings for a custom shaded mode for mother nature or do me two, 2nd for a ‘two brolly’ photo shoot (1:4 ratio or 1:8, no exact figure required, or even a 1 brolly !) or modes for all four of these, called sun, brolly1 brolly2 etc, anything welcome.

Others might find such basic realism whilst modelling useful.

I have wanted such when constructing for ages, I also send shaded mode off as plans as the colours I use are chosen for differentiation of items, and the lack of realism in lighting is a pain.



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Have you tried “Shaded 5” which is found here? It has some subtle shadows and uses the object colour. The top of the objects is always bright, while the bottom is average dark but not too dark, so that it will be still possible to see the geometry there.

Shaded 5.ini (13.9 KB)
Environment map: Shaded 5.rar (3.5 KB)

Shaded 5 test scene.3dm (499.0 KB)

A comparison between “Shaded 5” (top) versus Rhino’s default “Shaded” mode (bottom):


That looks far better.
If I download the shaded5.ini can I import that into V5 or is it only suitable for V7 ?
having just had lines appearing not down middle of grid lines I am back to considering V5 .



I believe that the ini files could be used in Rhino 5, as well. However, keep in mind that the advanced shadows effects were not supported by Rhino 5, so the objects may look flatter there compared to how they appear much more volumetric in Rhino 7.


I like the tyre scene, Its improvements such as that see me try to progress with V7, despite its lousy curve displays with twisted ribbon effects and not fitting central on axes lines, thanks I am told to users wanting anti aliasing removed. (AA was one of the best basic things of PC’s giving decent curves back in early windows days !)…if you can fix V7 shaded mode and get lines SAME THICKNESS 1 pixel like in V5 with anti-aliasing, removing twisted ribbon effect and fitting central on axes (see my thread on this) , please do so.

I have downloaded and installed the shaded 5 ini file as per method on McNeel instructions for display modes into V7:-
Go to the Tools menu > Options >View > Display Modes page and click Import . Navigate to the downloaded .ini files and import. See the Advanced Display help topic under the import heading.

I have this result:-

and this is the expected result

and this was what I had there in normal shaded, having edited the lights panel to match V5,

(my blocks not by the way being same as yours, I went 10deg increments -20 -10 0 10 20 etc

Why does choosing shaded 5 not match your shades on what is your test file.3dm ?

I would like a tyre model also to see what differs, but the blocks test file of yours should match, surely ?



Hi Steve, if you like to use alternative to Rhino’s default Shaded model, I recommend the “Bobi X9” and “Shaded 5” display modes (after importing the ini files, it’s mandatory to add their respective environment maps, too). Both display models utilize the “Use advanced GPU lighting” setting.

Bobi X9.ini (13.9 KB)

Shaded 5.ini (13.9 KB)

Here is how to add the environment maps:

Here is a 3d scene in Rhino 7 file format that you can use to test the custom display modes. My personal favourite is “Bobi X9” which I use 90% of the time during 3d modeling.
Хора.rar (12.8 MB)

Rhino’s default Shaded (bland look, no shadows, and strong fake reflections that often times make the geometry appear uneven):

Bobi X9 (surfaces that face the camera look the most bright, everything else from the sides gets darker gradually for a neutral geometry observation):

Shaded 5 (stronger contrast, deep shadows at the bottom and bright highlights above to add more realism and volume):


ignoring the background etc as I like to model in a light grey background with grid lines etc, the cubes didnt have the shades of grey on their surfaces as per yours, yet if the lighting was as yours, and shadows, they should match ?

I had assumed the shaded5 ini would bring in settings that worked straight off.

I see in the orthos greys on the cubes, yet all are white faces in perspective, with shadows at sides.

also the hole on the cube is not visible, I have mentioned in my desire for a more realistic V7 shaded mode, saying so before seeing the thread on shaded 5, the ability to see reality, where such a hole would have a darker interior and some shadow, which I hoped then seeing shaded 5 gave me that., i.e reality.


Hi Steve, can you post what PC are you using? Is it a laptop or PC with a secondary graphics inside the CPU, such like Intel Iris, Intel HD or similar? Sometimes this is the reason why certain effects don’t work in Rhino, because the program uses the integrated graphics of the CPU instead of the dedicated video card.

Hi, I forgot the Environment map !
Now added in, its that strip with a glow in the middle, here is my shaded5 viewports:-

I need to turn on the grid though for perspective, I see your ini has vanished it.

I see that hole in the ortho view though a slight shadow and perhaps less dark end wall inside would be better !

do I use the same env map as for shaded 5 ?

I have a tower unit,
GPU is Nvidia GeForce 3070,
Processor AMD Ryzen 7 5700X 8-Core Processor, 3401 Mhz, 8 Core(s), 16 Logical Processor(s)
System Model B550 Pro4
Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 64.0 GB CORSAIR VENGEANCE PRO DDR4
Eizo 27inch monitor

I have compared Bobix9 and shaded5, I see same result.



It’s nice that you get better results now. However, I’m not sure why your anti-aliasing looks so rough in Rhino 7, since your video card is great and should work perfectly in that case. Maybe it’s related to some settings in the Nvidia panel? Here is what my settings look like. Make sure that your Rhino 7 does not have dedicated settings under the “Program Settings” tab. Also, “Antialiasing - Mode” must be set to “Application-controlled”, because that will let you change the anti-aliasing directly from the Rhino options.

As for the environment maps, you should use different ones. Simply check this post and see how “Bobi X9.ini” requires the “Bobi B2.png” image, whereas “Shaded 5.ini” requires the “Shaded 5.png” image. Once you set there properly, they will look quite different in the videwport.

Here is another display view from Body, Clay 01. As a Zbrush user, I love that kind of surface-finished, it looks super professional.


How can I achieve the following style in Rhino???

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This is a modified “Technical” display mode with custom colours for the surface edges and background.

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Technical-Blue.ini (12.9 KB)

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Technical Ultra.ini (13.5 KB) OLD

Technical Ultra.ini (13.5 KB) NEW


Nice !! Could you share the ini of the 1 ?

Didnt get what was that exactly ? !
Thank you so much your work is amazing

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What about the performance ? is it better than the original shaded mode ?
Really nice job !!

The 3 of them are the same speed for modeling ?

This one is it heavy ?

Asking lot of question because i’m so impress by the quality !

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Thanks Julien, I’m glad someone find it nice/useful :sunglasses:
Unfortunately, I really don’t know about performance, I wouldn’t say it’s better, probably just the same :grin:

I believe that the performance between “Shaded 5” and “Shaded 6” is comparable, because they are derived from the same settings, with some small tweaks and different environment maps. the same goes for “Bobi X3” and “Bobi X9”.

However, “Bobi 1” is the fastest one, because it will not use any shadows nor environment map. I made it for better performance with heavy 3d scenes.