Shapeways bridge (Shapeways pricing amendments)

Shapeways is about to change their pricing strategy. Will those changes reflect on existing Shapeways bridge tool in ShapeDiver plug-in?

It seems the changes in ShapeWays’ pricing strategy mostly concern that they now allow a priority to be specified when ordering. Please be aware that ordering is not part of the bridge we have implement. Our bridge can be used to upload a new model to ShapeWays. In any case ordering would need to be implemented as part of the web application which makes use of ShapeDiver.

The ShapeDiver Grasshopper plugin has a component for retrieving roughly estimated prices, using the ShapeWays API. This API functionality of ShapeWays still exists, though I noticed it’s not documented on their website anymore. We don’t recommend to use the output of this component unverified in a configurator, as there are no guarantees about its functionality.