Shapediver integration to woocommerce


We are outsourcing our Grasshopper development and we are new to Shapediver.

We have made our models in all parameters needed, but we don’t have a button to direct our customers to cart/checkout. Looked in documentation, haven’t found anything about this. Could someone please share how to connect Shapediver to e-commerce?



ShapeDiver does not provide an explicit e-commerce integration. The API provides a javascript interface to fetch all relevant model data (price, bills of materials, production drawings, 3d files, etc…) which can then be used within the context of an e-commerce platform. Integrations into several e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce or Prestashop have been successfully implemented by developers who have experience with those platforms. For such a developer, the ShapeDiver API documentation provides all the information they need to make the connection between a product page and a ShapeDiver model.

I suggest your WooCommerce developer takes part in this conversation and uses this topic to post any question related to retrieving the data he or she needs to integrate the model in your website.