Shapediver widget full screen icon error

I got an error when I tried to click on the full screen icon on a shapediver widget embedded in a website: the widget does not want to go into full screen mode … Someone was there a solution?

Here is the error message I get in the browser:

ThreeDManager.js:96 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: fullscreen error
at Object.B [as cb] (ThreeDManager.js:96)
at SettingsMixin.js:440
at Array.every ()
at SettingsMixin.js:434
B @ ThreeDManager.js:60
(anonymous) @ SettingsMixin.js:378
(anonymous) @ SettingsMixin.js:378
Promise.then (async)
updateSettingAsync @ SettingsMixin.js:378
a.updateSettingAsync @ ViewportApi.js:339
c @ ViewportManagerApi.js:5
updateSettingAsync @ ViewportManagerApi.js:53
updateSettingAsync @ ApiImplementationV2.1.js:417
(anonymous) @ UIkitViewportOverlays.js:142