Shapediver text export


Please tell me how can I export into the file my sliders settings

I have only this

There seems to be a bug in the model edit page since the implementation of saved states. We will fix it in the next couple of days. In the meantime, you should still be able to see the file exports of your model after saving the model in the edit page and viewing it in the model view page. Note that the exports will not be available for download with a free plan.

Thanks a lot!

And I have one more question.
What determines the calculation of the solution on your server? I removed part of the code and the calculation time increased.

The whole code

Part of the code

Does Download Export take too long to calculate?

Just a note that this bug is now fixed, let me know if you still experience issues.

The download export component does not take time to compute during normal parameter updates, only when a file export is requested. As for the rest of your question, it very much depends on your definition and its logic. The computation time on the servers should mirror the one you experience locally when you open and run a definition for the first time. Further computations might be faster on your laptop because scripts have already been compiled and the file is already loaded. Additionally, if you are using any file import components, downloading the imported files on our servers might add some time. If you share your definition, or at least a minimal example where you think the computation time should not be as long as the one displayed on the platform, I might be able to help futher.

Now it works, thank you very much!

My definition works without Download Export component and doesn’t work with it. I use file import components and downloading the imported files.

I will try to prepare a clear file. Thank you anyway!

I would like to export text files whose extension is not accepted by the Text Export Node. In the current case it is .src (KUKA Robot Code), but in the future other extensions will surely become relevant, too.

Does anyone see possibilities here?

This is not possible at the moment, but we are working on an extension to the plugin that should allow you to specify more file extensions in the future. I cannot give you a precise timeline regarding this new feature yet. In the meanwhile, if you are integrating your model in a website using the API, you could export .txt files and have your application update the extension before files can be downloaded.