Shapediver Rewrite Slider Domain with Metahopper

Hello Shapediver Experts,

I am currently working on a product configurator and parts of my script would need to have the possibility to rewrite slider domains. I know this has been a highly requested feature for grasshopper, I’ve seen a lot of threads searching for solutions since RH4. And yesterday I actually stumbled across a solution: Metahopper can rewrite your slider domains and in the .gh-script it works very well. You can see it in my script attached. (just change for example “Höhe” and you’ll see that the “AP”-slider ranges change.) (52.0 KB)

It’s a cool feature, but unfortunately Metahopper seems not to be supported by Shapedivers servers. Now I was wondering are there any technical reasons to prohibit slider changes in the shapediver browser application? Did you have similiar problems and how did you solve them?

I know I could simply remap the range of the “AP” sliders to a 0-1-domain, in order to limit them to a certain range. But in terms of usability it’s a bad solution. Our clients need to do precise adjustments.

If you have any ideas, please let me know. Thanks for your help!

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Manipulating inputs is forbidden on ShapeDiver as the Grasshopper definition must define a one-to-one relationship with a computed result. One set of parameters should always lead to the same outputs, more on this documentation page.

The solution is to set large slider domains in Grasshopper (ie. 0 - 1,000,000) and then set the appropriate range in the custom UI on the product website. Here is a code sample on how to generate UI from the model paramters.

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