Domain Slider

Some time ago i found a picture in the internet of a slider where you can input a domain and then slide between these min an max values.
but im not sure if this component really exists because i do not find it in grasshopper.

has anyone an idea where i can find this “slider” or does this component not exist?


I’m pretty sure it’s photoshopped. It certainly doesn’t exist within the standard toolset.

I searched the image with google and here is the source.

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aaaahhh ok, too bad!
thank you!

I think a lot of users have been looking for this, for quite some time… any chance that this can be added to the GH wish list?

It has been discussed many times, I’d like to know your answers to these questions:

  • What happens if a null domain is provided?
  • What happens if a singleton domain is provided? Note that domain whose absolute length is less than the accuracy of the slider may as well be singleton.
  • How should decreasing domains be handled? Make them automatically increasing, backwards sliders?
  • What happens if you provide more than one domain to a single slider?
  • What happens if the domain changes? Does the slider value remain as unchanged as possible, or should the slider factor remain constant?
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  • big smile *
    Yeah…I get your point…
    I didn’t really consider those issues at all.
    And since i cant come up with an ingenious answer, I retract my question :wink:

There is a feature in the metahopper plugin that allows you to adjust the slider’s domain from the outside, although it does not solve the problem that @DavidRutten has pointed out…


I know I’m 3 years late but just in case anyone needs this in the future, there ir a workaround to this problem.
Using remap numbers you can give it a domain which can vary on whatever other input you’ll need it to depend on and it will be mapped from a pre-set domain (in my case 0 to 1)

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Years ago I clustered this principle into a ‘Tree/List Viewer’ utility that makes it easy to examine data trees of geometry. One cluster remaps ‘0 to 1’ to select a branch, the other remaps ‘0 to 1’ to highlight a geometry item in that branch, (20.0 KB)

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that guy has big brain, like this: