Domain Slider

Hi all,

I have had a read through and seen a few old posts about domain sliders but although they have been mentioned on here for many years now I can’t seem to find any plugins or tools that perform this task.

All I am looking for is a slider that can be given a single domain and then maps the start and end of the slider to that domain.

I guess it would be cool if it could also have multiple domains given to it and then it acted as a ‘percentage’ slider, that gave the output number for each domain based on the percentage the slider was positioned, though this could be another tool.

I hasten to add that I have absolutely no coding experience so I may be ignorant of the challenges involved here but it seems to be a tool that is missing in my also very limited grasshopper experience.

Anybody have any ideas? TIA


I also asked for something similar years ago, generally speaking you can get a lot using remap
the only relevant difference is in the step/precision


Yes remap will give you a rough workaround I agree.

It would be nice to have something like I describe above though as when you remap you can’t use real world numbers that correspond directly to the units being used.

I am working on a furniture design program (just for fun and to learn some grasshopper) and I would love for the units on the slider to represent the units in reality but still be truly parametrically driven from the domain of other parts of the furniture.

I guess it is either something very hard to make or easy to script yourself if you have the skills.

the only other thing that comes to my mind is the Metahopper plugin :slight_smile:


Thank you Inno, that looks like it would achieve what I was looking for.

Presumably the number slider that has the domain assigned to it can then be linked onto other components?

yes of course :+1: it will behave just as any other slider