ShapeDiver Pricing questionning

Hi everybody,
Hier SD Team,
First, I want to say that I love your platform. I’ve been using the free version it a lot recently and it brings a lot of perspectives.
I have built several grasshopper models that generate layouts that I would like to share and sell using ShapeDiver.
To make sure that the idea is worth it economically, I’ve been studying your pricing policy, and sadly discovered the heavy charging you demand.

Here is my thinking :

I plan to publish layouts for an online DIY platform. I can say that a layout can’t be sold more than 10-15€.
I need to keep at least 80% of that price for cost covering, so there is 2€/sell left to cover ShapeDiver cost. That means I need 50 sells to pay the lower month license. Moreover, let’s say that every user spend 1h “playing with the sliders”, come back the day after to play again, send the link to share with other friend-players… that means a user consumption is close to 10-15 credits. A 1000 credits month package will cover 70-80 visitors only, that means that I need to convert 70% of the visitors to buyers in order to start making profit…

Let’s see it on the other way … If I can reach the optimistic goal of 10% of the visitors buying the product, I will sell 7-8 layouts a month. Shapediver license will represent 90% of the product price!

That’s way too much. So I have to conclude that for my project, it’s a “NO GO” …

I know you will then question my product and give argumentation about your own costs. But I have the feeling that your pricing policy prevent little products to be sold using your tool whereas it wouldn’t raise your own charges and working costs…
I think the license cost shouldn’t represent more than 10% of the product price. That means a product sold less than 150€ has no place in a online shop using ShapeDiver.

Please could you give me your own position on that matter ? And feel free to fix my thinking if something’s wrong.

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See it from SD perspective… I guess they are paying for licenses and servers. Plus some kind of salary for themselves. If they did a super cheap license for low value products then they might get swamped and start operating at a loss.

Of course, I agree with that. But I keep thinking there is an in-between to reach. I might not be the only one giving up a project because of the price. That could represent a significant volume of potential end users, that would balance the all business model.