Shapediver endpoint for health check

Is there an endpoint what we could call for health check of the Shapediver servers?

Very simple one, just checking in if the server is up and running. …the reason for that is we need to provide uptime logs for our SLA and would be great to know more about the Shapediver’s server status.
Our wish would be to send a request, HTTP call, once in every 10 minutes if possible. :slight_smile:

We don’t offer a dedicated endpoint for this. However, you could use our Geometry Backend SDK to open a session for one of your models, and look for the message property in the response. If it exists and is not empty, it contains a health message.

It’s also good practice to send a close session call.

Instead of using the SDK, you can of course also call the API directly.

thanks @snabela …but will that consume our credits?

Given our current pricing model, it will consume one credit when you call it from a browser. Calling it from a backend application will not cost a credit, however this is only available to clients on a Business plan and above.