API access to all Shapediver models of an account


Is there a way to programatically collect data about all Shapediver models data of a certain account? The reason I would do that is to align/synchronise front-end and back-end development. The models will get frequent updates so the SDTickets too. So the “cooperation” between technologies become difficult to track manually.

I’m looking for at least basic info like below, and maybe some other meta data like tags or about:

   "model_name": "model-001",
   "SDTicketFrontEnd": "asdasd-123123-asdasd-12312",
   "SDTicketBackEnd": "qweqweqwe-123123123-asdasd"
   "model_name": "model-002",
   "SDTicket": "asdasd-345345-asdasd-345345",
   "SDTicketBackEnd": "qweqweqwe-12567567-asdasd"

This will be possible with the new platform API. We are cleaning up the documentation with the SDK package and the API will be ready soon.

Sounds good, …will you drop this news in a newsletter or similar?

Sure, we will let you know.