Shapediver C# not

After I got this message uploading my file to the Shapediver Viewer, I received and email with the following message:

Your model contains scripts that could not be validated for use on ShapeDiver. This could be because of one or several reasons described in this documentation article.

If you are not sure about what causes the problem or how to circumvent it, please describe the issue on the forum. We’ll do our best to help you adapt your model successfully!

So here I am describing the issue to the forum.
I need to output my geometry as an svg and I found a c# code to to it. I checked the documentation link, but I don’t really know what is the problem with the code or if you can help me in any way to get this to work.

thank you!

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So, if anyone runs into this post, I tested another version of the file and it was approved by shapediver.
The problem was that I had a version of the file being saved to my desktop.
I disable it but I guess it was still a problem.

conclusion, problem solved!


Hey there!
nice to hear it works!
Did I understand it correctly that you managed to download .svg files from Shapediver?
If yes, did you use the SDExportDownload node (which does not allow downloading .svgs)?
Thank you in advance!

SVG format is not currently supported in the SDExportDownload component but we have recently added PDF as output format which is a vector graphic and could be an alternative to SVG.