Export SVG

With the new “Stream Export” feature in ShapeDiver I want to try export .SVG vector file, but I have to create a whole XML structure within .SVG file which seems like a tectonic task. Is there maybe a script that could automate this but converting curves in GH into final SVG file?

Hi @rafalmeckovski there is something even better, there is already a plugin that we support that creates SVG files: Graphic + | Food4Rhino. However, this plugin is just supported in our test systems and we should soon (maybe next week) have it in the shared live systems.

To export the result via ShapeDiver, you need to use the component inside this plugin called SVG Text and then convert it into a stream by using the C# script I am including in the attached example.

test-svg-export.gh (27.4 KB)

Here is the model in ShapeDiver where you can export as SVG and also as bitmap (Using the component Drawing to Bitmap): ShapeDiver

I will let you know as soon as the plugin is live, in the meantime, you can prepare the logic of your SVG :grinning:

@rafalmeckovski this is now released! You can now use Graphic + in our Rhino 7 and 8 systems.

@rafalmeckovski if you download the latest ShapeDiver plugin version 1.17.1 you will be able to download the SVG file without the C# script