Shapediver API update


We (Cybe) have an issue with the API on the website Explore our 3D buildings | Lyve

API it gives an error >>

Unhandled Promise Rejection: TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘SDV.api.createViewer’)
(anonymous function) — shapediver.js:1:3106
(anonymous function) — shapediver.js:1:4750
(anonymous function) — shapediver.js:1:4751
e — jquery.min.js:2:30044
(anonymous function) — jquery.min.js:2:30342

We have tested an older version >> API version 1.15.7 and that version does Work and we don’t get the error message.

What is the reason it doesn’t work any more with thy current version??
Is there a way / option to merge back to a lower version?


if you update to a new viewer version starting with a 2 (for example 2.0.6) then please follow our migration guide. We made some changes to make things easier, although they are breaking the current behaviour.

Depending on your setup, you should always be able to downgrade. Are you using npm? or the CDN?

Cheers, Michael