Chrome console error on direct embedding app

Only one user reported this error when running a direct embedding app in his Chrome.
However, the app is running OK in the user’s Edge browser.
I can’t reproduce the error. Do you have any insights about this issue ?

Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘dispose’)
at K.destroy (RenderingHandler.js:516)
at E.destroy (ThreeDManager.js:575)
at m.removeThreeDManager (ViewportManager.js:221)
at m.createThreeDManager (ViewportManager.js:157)
at new module$src$app$ViewerApp.default (ViewerApp.js:357)
at new ParametricViewer$$module$build$package.ParametricViewer (package.js:408)
at pbs.2c8e9f978905897.js:79
at pbs.2c8e9f978905897.js:79
at ol (pbs.2c8e9f978905897.js:54)
at gs (pbs.2c8e9f978905897.js:54)