Shadow study on a curved surface

Been streaming through the forums for some time now and still haven’t found a clear solution for this one.

On the picture you can see a simple solution with a Mesh_Shadow component. This one projects a shadow on a plane as it can not accept a curved surface for a shadow receiving geometry. Green are the Mesh_shadow output curves projected back onto curved surface in the direction of a light source. This solution only works if the incident angle of the sun ray is big enough so it does not pass through the surface twice. However, if that is not the case, geometry projected backwards appear twice on a surface (case 1), and geometries positioned behind the surface crest give inaccurate shadow outline (case 2).

I have also tried the Ladybugs’ shadow_study component without any success (after a long calculation for only 4 breps it fails to deliver any result).

Am I missing something?

sjena (418.5 KB)