Shading incorrect, in Rendered View

This happens in multiple and new models. Repeatable.
I only work in perspective view.

  1. Create a new model, and a cylinder in it.
  2. Switch to Rendered Viewport
  3. Rotate the View around a bit and wait…
  4. The Shading will go from correct, (shadows on bottom of object, opposite light source) to wacky, where the calculated shadows show through the material.

This may be unique to my hardware. Retina iMac 2015… etc. See my profile for hardware / software.

Right. (ignore woodgrain map.)

Wrong. Shadows ‘bleed through’

This does not occur when first creating a new file, but may be connected to ‘Rotating’ the viewport, which causes the visual error to occur.


Do you use the WIP version?
I think the Problem will be fixed in the next WIP.
See this Topic:
Shadow Problem in WIP Version after measurement

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