Shaded View won't change

when using shaded view on all viewports i get what looks like a background but only on perspective view and sometimes in top view. I’ve tried changing this in the display properties.
any ideas?


Can you provide some more info?
Make a screenshot and attach it to a replay here, you can paste images for the clipboard in a reply text or upload images with this icon:

What version of Rhino and Windows

If you are on V6 run the command “SystemInfo” that will bring up a text dialog
Copy and paste the text in a reply here there might be some clues as to what is wrong.

Start with making sure Rhino is up to date and your display drivers are also up to date.


I’m using rhino 5, never had this issue before only seems with a certain batch of drawings i have received.
As you can see on the perspective view I’ve rotated it so that you can see the normal background is behind whatever background/colour has been placed.

That looks like the Ground Plane is on maybe… Go to the Ground Plane panel/tab and try turning it off?

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awesome, thank you.