Shaded Mode all of a sudden not showing correctly... weird artifacts

Started working on a file this evening and when I switched my view to either “front” or “back” in shaded mode it began to apply multiple different views… it only stated this evening and I made NO changes to the model when it occurred. What is the cause of this and how it can be fixed? Here are few screen shots of the file and my settings, it was to big to upload…

I think I found the fix in an older post… I just used the “ClearDrawOrder” command and it seems to have worked. What caused the problem initially?

Actually, it did not work… when I booted up and opened the project again today, same problem as in the picture above… any help would be appreciated!

Hi Andrew- @zildjian, with nothing selected, what does Properties tell you about the camera and target locations?- are they reasonable for the view you have?


I reset them to default… and it still shows up like this.

Can you please post the file, or send it to And can you post a screen shot of the Properties panel for this viewport with nothing selected?

Another test - window select all the objects in the view with a tight window, but make the selection in the Top view. now use Invert Hide - does the display improve?