Several Rhino 7 issues/problems

Hi. having a a few issues with Rhino 7:

  1. Extend trimmed surfaces is failing. If I extendsrf on a surface that has been trimmed it simply fails. This can be on any edge of the surface, even any untrimmed edge. I have to untrim the surface, then extend, then retrim (often a pain due to complex trimming patterns).

  2. Lines aren’t “projecting” to trim polysurfaces that extend off the trimming line. Previously I could have the camera angle in any direction and a line would still trim the object as if the camera was in the view to be trimmed (ie looking straigh down the lines trim path).

This is all I can rememeber for now, thanks in advance.

A picture to clarify what I mean for issue 2: The red line wont trim this part unless the camera is positioned looking straight down the cutting path.

Hi Evan - 1. ExtendSrf does balk sometimes when there are trims - but it should work, examples of outright failures are always good to have for the developer. Note you can DupBorder first or set Untrim to keep the trim objects, to help with the retrimmming process, but I’d like to have one or two examples if you have any handy.

  1. If the trimming line is on a face of a polysurface, it will not trim through. The change fixes many trim failure bugs but adds this complication: Trim from a plan view of the line and the box in this case, or, move the line out of plane with that bottom face - down a little.


Thanks fo getting back so quickly. In Rhino 6 extendsrf did fail sometimes, but often worked, particularly when you were extending an untrimmed edge. Currently it fails every time in Rhino 7, regardless of the edge to be extended (it can be an edge on a square on the opposite side to a trimmed edge, for example. ie. no trimmed edges touching it).

I posted a picture demonstrating issue 2 just prior to you posting your reply. To clarify further, if I try to trim that part with the camera positioned as the picture shows, the part wont trim. If I do nothing else other than position the camera in the “top” view (looking tstriaght through the part to the line) then it will trim.

Yes, exactly, per my comment…


Aaaaah, thank you. I missed that explanation and have tried your solutuion and it works. Thanks, I’ll change my process to suit.