ExtendSrf regression from V6 to V7

I’ve noticed that V7 isn’t able to extend surfaces that were previously trimmed in any way. I have to untrim every surface before it can be extended. Check out this video to see how V6 worked well on the exact same surfaces that won’t extend in V7:

Here is the file if anyone wants to test it themselves.

won’t extend in V7.3dm (869.5 KB)



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Hi Dan, thanks, I see that.
RH-63005 ExtendSrf: fails in V7, OK in 6
@DanBayn - it works here if Type=Smooth.


Hi Pascal,

That will get us by, but we’ll have to be very careful that we are getting the results we need.



Hi @Pascal, @DanBayn, I’ve also noticed that I cannot extend large amounts. Only baby steps: smaller amount in one take, and they extending again another smaller amount to reach my larger amount. Have you all noticed that too?


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Yes Gustavo, I noticed it too. The command should be revised, sometimes it seems that it does not extend, as if it gets jammed, it is not very fluid in the extension operation.
(If the surfaces are simple and flat, the command generally works well; if the surfaces are curved, problems of little fluidity of extension begin).

I’ve noticed that too.

It’ a problem that have been reported by multiple people recently. Happened to me several times already.

Frustrating a command that works in fits and starts and in slow motion!

RH-63005 is fixed in the latest Rhino 7 Service Release Candidate


Thanks Brian and Pascal.

hi @brian , but it doesn’t run for me… see: