Setting up AutoCAD to work as much like Rhino as possible

So I am just out of architecture school where we were encouraged to use Rhino as much as possible. After 4 years of pretty much using it exclusively, trying to use AutoCAD at my new job is excruciating. In my humble opinion, Rhino just is easier, quicker, and more user friendly than AutoCAD, but of course, AutoCAD and Revit are king in the professional world.

What I am wondering is whether anyone has a settings tutorial, extensions, plugins, whatever, to help me make AutoCAD as painless and as seamless as possible for me to use and learn. Basically I am hoping that there is information or tools out there made by or found by rhino users to learn AutoCAD that doesn’t treat me like “You use Rhino?! Why! AutoCAD is so much better! Weirdo!”

Any links, tips, tricks, or tools would be greatly appreciated

Hi, there is also Draftsight from Dassault. It is like Autocad too. Might be just one of those things that will take time using (Autocad) —Mark

I set my aliases in Autocad to be nearly the same as in Rhino. Other than that, you can set the background color to be the same I guess :smiley: