Setting things in a matrix

I want to set different kind of figures to different in a 5x5 square grid system. I could only do for one row and column. Could someone help me on how to create for every columns and rows. I have attached the file below.
final truchet (136.3 KB)

Sorry, no. You write stuff like this, you own it:

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When you start copy-pasting groups of components more that once, usually you are not using Grasshopper correctly… Data trees are the correct way to apply the same procedure (math, geometry, whatever) to several elements - here, each cell of the big grid.

After removing all the barbarian flattening - replacing it by Trim Tree , replacing all the double/triple wires in one input by Merge - so tree structure is manageable, and correcting all math and parameters so that everything “follows”, I ended up with this clean version :

final truchet (30.6 KB)

A small addition playing with tree paths…

final truchet pattern_variable (31.3 KB)

final truchet pattern_variable thickness and (32.4 KB)


For anyone else following along, I’ve noticed in other code of yours that you use Trim Tree where I useShift Paths. (PShift) They aren’t quite the same thing but have a similar effect in this case.

The Truchet curves are kind of lost in that color scheme.

Thank you so much. Your extra bits were helpful too.