Setting ID Objects


someone could help me on how setting ID’s objects in Rhino?
I need to do the same thing shown in the pic but in Rhino instead of CinemaCinema 4d.


Hi Roy - - what exactly, are you trying to do - do you want to know what the GUID of an object is, or set an object to have a new GUID, or something else? Please do not assume I have any idea about what C4D is doing.


Hi Pascal,

thank you for your message.
I’ve solved the problem because I’m using a different method in grasshopper.
Anyway, I would like to understand for future uses.
What is the difference between the ID of a Rhino object and an ID of a block instance? Because if I apply a material using the different ID to map different UV map, on Block instances it works and on a copy of the same object it doesn’t work.