Block object GUID differ in Rhino BlockEdit mode vs. Python

Hi all,

I find the GUID of an object in a block differs when I use the “What” command vs. when I use Python

In this example, I have a simple block named Block 01 which has a Text Object (Named: TEXT_TITLE) and a Rectangle (unnamed). When in Blockedit mode, the GUID of the text object is: 4ccfa898-d29a-451e-8800-19124fdfc283, while when using Python, the GUID is 4a7e20a5-7c84-4f0e-ad1e-544faf690f91. So I’m not sure how this is happening…My aim is the populate the text object with the block’s user text attribute.

Thanks in advance!

Hello - when you ask Python, it gives you the id in the block definition, when you blockEdit, the ID is the temporary object created on the spot to give you something to work with. You’ll notice that the id is different every time you BlockEdit the same instance.


Thanks Pascal, however if i want to update the textobject inside the block using rs.textobjecttext(id), it doesn’t update with the id in the block definition