Setting all genes in galapagos

I am currently working with a script where the ideal solution for all genes in a galapagos gene pool would be zero, but that solution is usually impossible due to some other constraints in the script. I have noticed, however, that setting all of the genes to zero before starting the solver helps it tremendously in finding the best solution quickly. The only issue is I have 105 genes, so this is rather time consuming and annoying. Is there a way to set all of them at once? Thank you!

I added a galapagos script that just minimizes all values in the gene pool, which works… but I would like to know if there is a less silly solution.

Not at the moment, the gene-pool is a pretty unpleasant piece of kit.

Note though that if you’re using the Evolutionary Solver, there’s a foldout underneath the ‘Start’ button which specifically allows you to start at the current slider setup. This is indeed handy if you want to explore specific local optima near a known state.

Got it. I’ll see if I can get it working with the evolutionary solver and use the other script when I need to for now. Thanks @DavidRutten