SetObjectDisplayMode can there be an Icon made for it? (31.2 KB)
Hi Pascal, How’s the great northwest? I was looking for that display setting and it said there is none. Would it be hard to make one for the software? thank you,Mark
I don’t know about anyone else , but I use it for presentation purposes and visualizing . By the way, Arctic is a nice display to use and see things . Glad it was put in.

Hello -

! _SetObjectDisplayMode _Pause “Shaded”

would be the macro to use, with your display mode name in there. Is that what you mean?


thanks I will do it. --Mark

Well ,I was hoping for an Icon button so I don’t have to type in SetObjectDisplayMode each time. After getting to the settings ,that is easy enough to then pick which display that is needed from the list at the command line. thanks,Mark

in V5 at least ( I don’t have v6 yet) there is an icon inside Display toolbar where you can choose separate shading for each object, is that what are you looking for?

Yep - using that macro, you can roll your own - see