SetObjectDisplayMode apply to all meshes and all views in one go?

I am having to select each mesh, in each shaded view, one at a time to run SetObjectDisplayMode and select ‘rendered’

I have then needed to export the meshes to a new Rhino file, and guess what, yes, do that all over again.

Can one select all meshes and run SetObjectDisplayMode to apply ‘rendered’ in all views on all meshes in one go ?

Can one when exporting items to bring into another Rhino file make them bring with them the display mode settings ?

is export or copy paste better for this ?
I normally use copy paste but was told export is better for transfer between files, though one ends up with loads and loads of files !


Here is a script that should set all selected objects’ display mode in all viewports at once. Choose the desired display mode from a list box. The companion script is for removing the display mode. (1.8 KB) (775 Bytes)

Applied object display modes should be transmitted by Copy/Paste between instances as well as export/import (.3dm from/to Rhino, not other programs). This works in V5 here in some brief tests. SetObjectDisplayMode is still viewport-dependent, so if you have different viewports set up in two instances of Rhino, it may not work when copying/pasting between.

This may be a silly question, but is this just an issue with selecting lots of mesh objects efficiently? Would SelMesh help to speed things up, from memory it was available in V5?